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We specialize in supporting people to live a life with DIGNITY,

prepare for the future and for unexpected events.

We specialize in Stress Reduction, improve your mental health,

find and build HOPE in life.  

We Talk, We Plan, We Strive. 

We Cry, We Laugh, We Love. 

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About Lina

Registered Social Worker

Since 2017, the year I received Master of Social Work degree from UBC and registered with BCCSW(#13619), I've been supporting teens who were lost in risky lifestyle, young adults who were seeking guidance to build their career, immigrants who tried their best to establish a new life, elderly who were struggle to live with declined health conditions, and family who were dealing with grief and loss. 

Come to my studio, we talk about life, we explore future, we embrace present. And then, you know how to fly again. 


Lina Kuo MSW RSW

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